Fish Fair

Fish Fair was originally started as a way to bring us all together to connect environmental professionals and community leaders with our students. It’s important that we continue to inspire environmental stewardship within the youth of our river community, and with your help we can bring awareness to the environmental, ecological, and cultural facets of the Klamath River Basin.  The theme of this year’s Fish Fair is “Healthy Waters, Healthy Lands, Healthy Communities.”

We are asking for your help with planning our upcoming event. We are seeking “new presenters” who can share their knowledge about our precious water resources, our amazing landscape, culture, environmental issues, and other related fields.  Below is a link with more information regarding our upcoming event, as well as a presenter form.  Please fill out the forms and return to us by so that we can plan the presentations.

Please help us with this outreach by sharing this email widely with those individuals that you think may be able to provide presentations at our environmental education event this year. Also, we should have our poster completed next week to get out to everyone to help announce this year’s event.  As a result, we will also start placing our T-shirt orders.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (530) 604-1787(530) 604-1787(530) 604-1787(530) 604-1787 or email our committee at Thank you again for your ongoing support and assistance.

Theresa Cyr
Committee Chairperson