About Us

Welcome to Hoopa Valley Elementary School

Hoopa Elementary School is a K‐8 school, located in the heart of the Hoopa Indian Reservation. The largest IndianReservation in California, Hoopa encompasses approximately 550 square miles of rugged mountains and valleys linked by dirt roads, navigable river routes, and a two‐lane highway. The student population is 440, with over 94 percent of the students being identified as American Indian. 96.5 percent of the students receive free or reduced lunch. Students generally belong to one of three local tribal groups: Hupa, Karuk, or Yurok.
Hoopa Elementary School serves children in the communites of: Hoopa, Weitchpec, Pecwan, and Willow Creek. Hoopa Elementary has a staff of 31 regular classroom teachers, two resource teachers, one counselor, two social workers, one part‐time District nurse, one secretary, one attendance clerk, and two administrators. We are proud of our K‐3 class size reduction program, which enables our students in K‐3 to have more opportunity for educational growth in a class of 20 students or less per teacher. 
We house a state‐of‐the‐art PC computer lab, a 19 unit iBook wireless computer lab, library with automated Follet Software, school wide wireless connectivity to the internet, and DIRECT‐TV cable access. We also have computer centers in every classroom.
Hoopa Elementary School is dedicated to the recognition of the unique value of each person providing active learning in a safe, supportive environment. We have made a commitment to make education on the Hoopa Indian Reservation a positive experience, and provide a means to prepare all children for post‐secondary education and career technical skills on and off of the Reservation.